Best Electronic Dance Music Tracks of 2017

Does going to a club even on a Tuesday night sound like a great idea to you? Do you love synthesized beats with sick background tracks? Get ready, because you are about to get a taste of the Top 5 electronic dance music tracks of 2017! Here we go:

5.) Martin Jensen – “Solo Dance”

Danish DJ Martin Jensen first came onto the music has seen in 2014 with a remix of a Cristiano Ronaldo song that garnered him significant popularity in Latin American countries and without any doubt, this has made him be the best EDM tracks 2017. He had his first big hit with the song “Miracles” which became popular in Denmark, Norway, and Holland and then finally really went off with a bang in the United States with “Solo Dance”. With this hit, he has finally reached 100 million downloads on Spotify. Continue reading “Best Electronic Dance Music Tracks of 2017”

Rock And Roll History, Loving The Best Bands In The World

Rock and roll history is very illustrious and it is one of the most followed and loved music genres in the world. It is a type of pop music that emerged and popularised in U.S in the late 1940s and 1950s. But its roots can be traced back centuries to Celtic and African folk music. This music was brought to America by the people who immigrated to America. After being exposed to the different styles of music in America, they began to mix in different styles in their music.

The phrase “rock and roll” emerged and was first used in blues songs as a secret code for sexual intercourse. 1922 was the first year when “rock and roll” would be seen on the label of a record for the first time.

A New Era Is About To Begin

The 1960s is the period in rock and roll history when the genre truly boomed. The rock music came of age and completely dominated all the popular music charts. Elvis Presley continued to score hits in the early sixties, but the music continues to keep diversifying with the revival of folk music. The Stax, Atlantic and Motown labels continued bringing African-American artist the front of the pop charts. The Beatles and The Rolling Stones lead the popular music charts. U.S. Garage bands starting to emerge. The songwriting in the sixties also moved beyond to include political statements and social consciousness. Continue reading “Rock And Roll History, Loving The Best Bands In The World”

Bass Guitar Sounds, Tips & Techniques You Should Know

A bass guitar is a string instrument played by plucking, slapping, strumming, most commonly known as picking. The appearance of a bass guitar is similar in the construction of an electric guitar that have four to six strings. The four-stringed guitar is commonly used, being tuned the same as the double bass.

The bass guitar has the same range as the double bass. The lowest note is E. The bass guitar is capable of in sounding two strings simultaneously. The 5 string bass guitar has a low B string and the 6 string bass guitar adds a higher C string.

Bass Guitar Sound

The bass guitar sound differs from an ordinary guitar by its pitch range. The bass guitar plays note’s, an octave lower than the 4 lowest pitch strings of a regular guitar which is E, A, D, and G. It is a transposing instrument, it is noted that the pitch is in bass clef of an octave higher than it sounds to avoid too many ledger lines. Like the electric guitar, it has pickups. Pickup device is a transducer that captures vibrations from musical instruments especially strings instrument. The guitar is plugged in an amplifier and speaker for a better hearing of the sound. Continue reading “Bass Guitar Sounds, Tips & Techniques You Should Know”

American History-X-Review

The main character Derek Vineyard (Edward Norton) is an ex-neo-Nazi ex- con. He was the way he was because of his childhood environment, and upbringing. When he is paroled after 3 years imprisonment for killing a couple of black men that attempted breaking into or steal his vehicle. His actions greatly impacted his brother Danny. In prison, Derek changed the way he looked at life. Now that he is out of prison he cuts all ties with his old gang and is determined to make sure that his brother, Danny, doesn’t follow in his footsteps. He tries to convince Danny that he can make better decisions than he did in his life. After his father is killed by a minority is when he discovered it is good and bad in everyone, not general to one’s race.

Now there are so many reviews out there about this movie good and bad.

Here are some good reviews of the movie “American History X”:

o Michael DeZubiria says: “Edward Norton conveys a staggering piece as an exceptionally intellectual white racist who realizes the inexactness of his stand and must then try to inhibit his junior brother from following the same path. This movie is one of the greatest powerful movies in years (review was written in 2000). Not since Shindler’s List has the theme of racism been so effectively existing. The application of black & and white cinematography to show painful memories is startling, and the environment, while not very appealing, proper for the story flawlessly. He also states that notwithstanding the point that American-History X is among the top films over the years, it is seriously underrated. Much like Norton’s last film, “Primal Fear”, which is as well a great movie, it did not get much recognition which it deserves.” Continue reading “American History-X-Review”

Recording Music At Home, Tips, Gear and Tricks

Decades ago, it was much more easier to record music in a studio, all you had to do was to have a harmonious and unique voice and study every day. To day it is easier because you can record music anywhere, in a studio, at home and any other place you want to. But, the process is more difficult because the technology is much more sophisticated and the tools are more exquisite. It also depends on what kind of music you want to record and where.

Technology Is Your Friend

The advantage is that the technology nowadays provides a multitude of possibilities. Even if someone is less talented, the editing process can help a lot, and more than that, tools can create even an orchestra behind a voice. But some musicians want to find out how to record music at home because it’s cheaper and more comfortable.

Amateur musicians who record their music at home, use a small studio. The first important tool is a good laptop or a computer where they can install many programs to create music. They have an organ or a keyboard instrument and some of them even a guitar. A microphone and an amplifier are enough to create the sounds, if they don’t want something too sophisticated, and some research about how to record music at home, search for programs and useful tips about it. Beside the tools they use, musicians who record their music at home use a metronome or a pre-recorded drum loop to help them with the tempo. Continue reading “Recording Music At Home, Tips, Gear and Tricks”