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The main character Derek Vineyard (Edward Norton) is an ex-neo-Nazi ex- con. He was the way he was because of his childhood environment, and upbringing. When he is paroled after 3 years imprisonment for killing a couple of black men that attempted breaking into or steal his vehicle. His actions greatly impacted his brother Danny. In prison, Derek changed the way he looked at life. Now that he is out of prison he cuts all ties with his old gang and is determined to make sure that his brother, Danny, doesn’t follow in his footsteps. He tries to convince Danny that he can make better decisions than he did in his life. After his father is killed by a minority is when he discovered it is good and bad in everyone, not general to one’s race.

Now there are so many reviews out there about this movie good and bad.

Here are some good reviews of the movie “American History X”:

o Michael DeZubiria says: “Edward Norton conveys a staggering piece as an exceptionally intellectual white racist who realizes the inexactness of his stand and must then try to inhibit his junior brother from following the same path. This movie is one of the greatest powerful movies in years (review was written in 2000). Not since Shindler’s List has the theme of racism been so effectively existing. The application of black & and white cinematography to show painful memories is startling, and the environment, while not very appealing, proper for the story flawlessly. He also states that notwithstanding the point that American-History X is among the top films over the years, it is seriously underrated. Much like Norton’s last film, “Primal Fear”, which is as well a great movie, it did not get much recognition which it deserves.”

o Doug Galecawitz says: “This movie is a strong representation of “Neo-Nazi-movement in America”. Told in series of memories. Flawless performance by Edward Norton. Does make it is fine to make the argument that no one is ever right and again no body is ever wrong. He had a acquaintance who was a Nazi and racist, but on walking out of the auditorium after this show he hung his head in shame.”

Now here are some bad reviews of “American History X”:

o Youngman_Grand says: “Making a movie about racism is a very easy way to tap into an audience’s pre-existing righteous anger without the need to really explore the subject, treat it with respect or develop any kind of understanding around it. Films that attempt to tackle the race issue in modern society will always fail to deliver as long as they are content to sit back and simply push buttons in order to generate a calculated response. The overwhelming majority of people in society know racism is a bad thing, but most ignore how endemic it is. Pinning it on some gun toting extremist hooligans, then not even being able to properly decide who you are sympathizing with is not the mark of accomplished, mature filmmaking.”

A lot of people are angry with the film because they feel it jokes about racism and not being that big of an issue. Even though racism is a huge issue everywhere especially in the United States that needs to be dealt with, better than making films clichéd about it. On the other hand other people are just in awe of this movie and would recommend it to every next person.

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