Bass Guitar Sounds, Tips & Techniques You Should Know

A bass guitar is a string instrument played by plucking, slapping, strumming, most commonly known as picking. The appearance of a bass guitar is similar in the construction of an electric guitar that have four to six strings. The four-stringed guitar is commonly used, being tuned the same as the double bass.

The bass guitar has the same range as the double bass. The lowest note is E. The bass guitar is capable of in sounding two strings simultaneously. The 5 string bass guitar has a low B string and the 6 string bass guitar adds a higher C string.

Bass Guitar Sound

The bass guitar sound differs from an ordinary guitar by its pitch range. The bass guitar plays note’s, an octave lower than the 4 lowest pitch strings of a regular guitar which is E, A, D, and G. It is a transposing instrument, it is noted that the pitch is in bass clef of an octave higher than it sounds to avoid too many ledger lines. Like the electric guitar, it has pickups. Pickup device is a transducer that captures vibrations from musical instruments especially strings instrument. The guitar is plugged in an amplifier and speaker for a better hearing of the sound.

One must learn to play for the song, not for oneself. Most of the time, solid bass requires you to have restraint instead of showcasing the technique and slick moves. In most situation, working mostly on the root notes of the chords and lock in with the drummer’s kick and snare drums is the best way to work with.

Learning to walk is the best time to play the bass. “Walking bass or bassline” is the term used in many styles of music, such as jazz, funk, dub, blues, and electronic. The term walking bass is a way of playing the bass instrument in a perpetual motion staying on one note. The line walks from one chord’s root note up and down to the next chord, mostly in a quarter – note rhythm. Bassline riffs emphasize the chord tones of each chord, that helps to define a song’s key. Bassline also works with the drum tunes and other rhythm instrument to create a rhythmic pulse in the bass guitar sound.

Bass Role

One of the bass guitar’s role is to make sure that the bass guitar sound and drums sound like one. In order to do this, one must craft bass lines that fit with the snare drums and drummers kick. The use of octave roots is a way to accomplish this, with the low octave corresponding with the kick and the high octave corresponding with the snare. It is also known as backbeats.

Many classic bass lines have been constructed using mostly roots and octaves, the fifth is the harmonically note that anyone can play. This allows the guitarist to create a bass line that is melodic, sync perfectly with the drums and doesn’t affect the primary chords of the bass guitar sound.

The tone is dependent on how you pluck the strings. If you pluck the strings near the bridge too aggressively, it slaps against it. The best way to do it is to pluck the stings near the bridge with the tip of your fingers. You can go from a relax tune to a sharp tune depending on the string and how you pick it.

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