Best Electronic Dance Music Tracks of 2017

Does going to a club even on a Tuesday night sound like a great idea to you? Do you love synthesized beats with sick background tracks? Get ready, because you are about to get a taste of the Top 5 electronic dance music tracks of 2017! Here we go:

5.) Martin Jensen – “Solo Dance”

Danish DJ Martin Jensen first came onto the music has seen in 2014 with a remix of a Cristiano Ronaldo song that garnered him significant popularity in Latin American countries and without any doubt, this has made him be the best EDM tracks 2017. He had his first big hit with the song “Miracles” which became popular in Denmark, Norway, and Holland and then finally really went off with a bang in the United States with “Solo Dance”. With this hit, he has finally reached 100 million downloads on Spotify.

4.) Mr. Probz – Till You’re Loved

Mr. Probz is a versatile Dutch recording artist who has done his fair share of genre hopping over the years. While his 2013 hit had more of a hip-hop vibe and his 2014 single “Waves” bled more into acoustic pop, “Till You’re Loved” really took the electronic dance music theme by storm. His style follows many others of the genre with a hot beat that is right on point with the current trend right now. You’ll definitely be pumping this song with the windows down this summer.

3.) The Chainsmokers and Coldplay “Something Just Like This”

Probably one of the best EDM tracks 2017 duos to ever do a song together, The Chainsmokers and Coldplay’s “Something Just Like This” has been launched to the top of the charts. While Coldplay has been on the scene as one of the most famous bands of the 2000s, The Chainsmokers really gained popularity after their big hit “Closer” featuring Hasley. The two great forces combined creating a song that people just can’t stop dancing to.

2.) Kygo and Ellie Goulding “First Time”

Elllie Goulding has had a number of hits over the years including “Lights”, “Anything Could Happen”, “Burn” and “Love Me Like You Do” which was featured in everyone’s favorite mommy porn blockbuster “50 Shades of Grey” hence earning it a place in the best EDM tracks 2017 . However, it was really Norwegian DJ Kygo’s influence on the song that really made the pop star’s song shine. The song is filled with memories and good times that make it relatable to anyone out there who has had a crazy rebellious stage and a little bit of save the world in them. You’ll find yourself listening to it over and over, finding a new lyric to fixate on every time you hit replay.

1.) David Guetta featuring Justin Bieber “2U”

What would a top track list be with the Beebz? Justin Bieber has really revived his career and rebuilt his image over the past couple of years and he has dropped some sick tracks. After his break with Selena Gomez with his track “Love Yourself” to his newest hit “I’m the One” with DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber has been absolutely killing it with featured songs. David Guetta has also been big on the scene, becoming the music ambassador for EUFA Euro 2016 with his song “This One’s for You”.

If you love best edm tracks 2017 and can’t get enough of the latest beats, definitely give our Top 5 list a play through. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

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