Recording Music At Home, Tips, Gear and Tricks

Decades ago, it was much more easier to record music in a studio, all you had to do was to have a harmonious and unique voice and study every day. To day it is easier because you can record music anywhere, in a studio, at home and any other place you want to. But, the process is more difficult because the technology is much more sophisticated and the tools are more exquisite. It also depends on what kind of music you want to record and where.

Technology Is Your Friend

The advantage is that the technology nowadays provides a multitude of possibilities. Even if someone is less talented, the editing process can help a lot, and more than that, tools can create even an orchestra behind a voice. But some musicians want to find out how to record music at home because it’s cheaper and more comfortable.

Amateur musicians who record their music at home, use a small studio. The first important tool is a good laptop or a computer where they can install many programs to create music. They have an organ or a keyboard instrument and some of them even a guitar. A microphone and an amplifier are enough to create the sounds, if they don’t want something too sophisticated, and some research about how to record music at home, search for programs and useful tips about it. Beside the tools they use, musicians who record their music at home use a metronome or a pre-recorded drum loop to help them with the tempo.

Recording With A Phone

Musicians who don’t have enough savings to buy the tools they need, use only their phone. How to record music at home with a phone? It’s easy, because phone recorders are increasingly high-quality, which can be used easy and fast. After they record the voice with their phone, they use various apps in order to edit the voice, add different instruments, rhythm and bring the song to the final product.

Youtube, for instance, and the Internet are a cheap source for musicians to find backing tracks, instrumentals and other useful things for a recording. They just download the tracks, record their voice and then they edit the result to the most pleasant version. The final product is saved on a device or uploaded on the Internet so other people could listen to their work. Of course, this is the cheaper version of how to record music at home.

Basically, a musician who decides to record music at home in a more professional way, needs a digital audio workstation, also known as DAW, a microphone, a microphone cable and an audio interface. Music technology is more powerful and cheaper than ever for the moment, so it’s easier to know how to record music at home and it’s more efficient when a musician can write the music and lyrics for his own record.

The Mastering Process

Even if we have an amazing technology, the last important thing for recording a song is the mastering process, a very essential last step which is used to put the finishing touches on the song. Musicians use maximizing loudness, balancing frequencies and stereo widening to make the final result a huge success. This process is very difficult to realize, that’s why some professional studios have mix engineers.

So, making your own music at home it’s comfortable and the musician has to decide if he wants to make it cheap or more expensive, because the high-quality really matters and, if they want to become famous, they have to make some sacrifices to get there.

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